The Journey might be TOUGH!

But, We will reach there.

Oh Yes, we will.

The Journey
Of breast cancer

There are millions of websites describing the symptoms of breast cancer, the staging, the treatment etc. And most are full of medical jargon, difficult for a non medical person to really understand.
We wish to walk you through the journey of breast cancer, telling in brief, using as non medical terms as possible, to make you understand how reports are interpreted and how crucial decisions are taken, and how the treatment is given. We want you to read it in a flow.

And how is this going to help?

Cancer treatment, by far, for most patients (and care givers), is a long journey. The treatment of breast cancer can go up to 6 months. During this time, there is lot of uncertainty, lots of doubts, every now and then, in the patients mind. If the patient understands, what is going on, it definitely helps her undergo this jouney better, much more confidently and will boost outcome. Correct and appropriate knowledge is the single most important weapon in the fight against cancer. Not all patients are lucky enough to get doctors who give them time. Hence, we were compelled to write this section, to explain, step by step, how we treat breast cancer.

Please do note:

This section is only to give a rough idea of how things develop over time. This section, is by no means, a comprehensive description methods of diagnosis and treatment of breast cancer. A detailed description of many treatments, like targeted therapy, hormonal treatment, genetic testing etc. is not done as of now.
Methods of diagnosis and staging may vary with different hospitals and each may have their ways.
Keeping in mind the above two points, just relax and read on.. You will surely find it useful.

Breast Cancer treatment description

So, here we go:


Below are the links to various topics in this section (The journey of breast cancer), categorized into three categories - the detection and diagnosis of breast cancer, the surgical period and the post surgical treatment (chemotherapy, radiation therapy etc.).

Breast Cancer Diagnosis

1. I feel a lump! - The first visit to doctor
2. Is it really cancer? - Confirmatory tests
3. What is the stage? - Staging and fitness tests
4. Will it be surgery first? or chemo first? - Treatment planning and sequence

Breast Cancer Surgery

5. Should I conserve or remove breast? - Choice of Surgeries for breast cancer
6. How long will be the surgery? - Admission and Surgery
7. Care after surgery - Precautions and guidelines
8. What next? - The Pathology Report

Further treatment

9. How many chemo cycles? - Chemotherapy Consultation
10. Is a PORT necessary? - ChemoPORT insertion
11. Will I be normal during chemo? - The Chemotherapy time
12. Is Radiation painful? - Radiation Therapy
13. Yes!! I did it! - Treatment is over
14. How frequently do I meet doc? - Follow up guidelines