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Dr. Sumeet Shah has trained in Surgical Oncology, from the Tata Memorial Centre, Mumbai, and is a specialist in the treatment and surgery of breast cancer. To read more about him and his work, please click here - The SilverLine Team.

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Best Breast Cancer Treatment by Oncologist in Santa Cruz

Breast cancer is curable. Yes. A timely and correct treatment of breast cancer, definitely leads to a good outcome. Planning and sequencing of the teatment is very important. You can read on below, we have explained in brief how we do breast cancer treatment, in a simple step wise manner, to make it easy for you to understand.

Are you looking for the best breast cancer treatment or breast lump or pain treatment by an Onco surgeon in Santa Cruz?

Dr. Sumeet Shah, Surgical Oncologist, heading SilverLine OncoCare, is a breast cancer specialist. He, along with his team, perform breast cancer surgery in a number of hospitals in Mumbai. For Santa Cruz, he is attached with Surya Hospital, at the S.V.Road, Santa Cruz West. Read on below, to see how he manages his breast cancer cases.

Why select us?

We strive to maintain the highest level of quality in the surgeries we do, after all, that is going to influence the outcome. Our focus is on performing breast conserving surgery, as also manage reconstruction with our cosmetic surgeon colleagues, in cases where conservation is not possible. But we believe that treatment of breast cancer is only one part of it. The other part is the positive attitude and motivation of the patient and care givers (which can definitely be influenced by a good doctor). A caring and easily approachable doctor can make all the difference, especially one, who gives adequate time to the patient and care givers, to make them understand. That is what we imply, when we say - 'Time. Quality. Wellbeing' .

And our reviews?

Don't take our word, though; please do read our patients' testimonials and reviews for us, by clicking here - Reviews and Feedback.

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Step One: Breast Examination

Breast Examination is crucial to underdtand stage and planning

A detailed history and a Clinical Breast Examination is the first step which involves studying the location and size of the lump, how close is it to skin, does it involve skin or not and assessing nodes in the arm pit and above collar bone. This is followed by examination of the opposute breast and a general examination. Examination of the breast gives a rough idea of what stage it could be. This helps in planning the type of scan needed for staging.

Step Two: Confirmation of Cancer

Mammography done to detect breast tumour

Mammography gives us precise location of tumour and tells us whether it is only one or more than one tumour. Sometimes, an MRI may be needed. Core Biopsy involves taking out a bit of tissue from the lump, which is examined by a pathologist who confirms if it is indeed a cancer. Core biopsy is better than FNAC (Fine Needle Aspiration Cytology), since Core biopsy can also tell us about the type of breast cancer (FNAC cannot).

Step Three: Staging and Fitness

PET CT Scan is done for staging of breast cancer

After cancer is confirmed by core biopsy, we wish to know whether it has spread elsewhere or not. For that, depending on clinical staging from Step One (Examination), we advise certain scans to be done, to check organs like liver, lung, bone etc. Also, routine blood tests, X Ray Chest, ECG and 2D Echo are done as baseline fitness tests.

Step Four: Treatment Planning

Dr. Sumeet Shah, Breast Cancer Specialist in Borivli

Planning is usually done in a 'Joint Clinic' comprising of different Oncologists. This is THE most important step in the journey of treatment of breast cancer. Some patients undergo surgery first, followed by chemo and other treatments, whereas some undergo chemo first, followed by surgery later. Some have to undergo only chemo and no other treatment. This planning 'sequence' of surgery and other treatments is extremely crucial and can affect the outcome.

Step Five: Treatment in planned sequence

Dr. Sumeet Shah, Breast Cancer Specialist in Borivli

When we plan a surgery, lots of considerations need to be done. Can we preserve the breast? Can we do a Sentinel Node biopsy and avoid removal of most nodes in the arm pit? In cases of mastectomy, can a simultaneous reconstruction by a cosmetic surgery team be done? In a breast conservative surgery, how can I achieve the best cosmetic outcome? Patients and care givers are counseled in detail about all optinos, and we help them take a call.

Step Six: Rehabilitation and Follow Up

Dr. Sumeet Shah, Breast Cancer Specialist in Borivli

Mental, Social and Physical Rehabilitation plays a crucial role. It's important that a breast cancer survivor sees herself with dignity and in a way she would want to (good cosmetic outcome after surgery is so important here); it's important to make sure she is back to normal life and society, doing work that she could do earlier. A good medical team, like ours, will give a lot of attention on this aspect. And finally, the survivor is given a regular follow up schedule, according to her stage and standard guidelines.

Our Work in Breast Cancer

Dr. Sumeet Shah runs one of the most popular 'indian' website on breast cancer in India. It has been ranking in the first three search results on Google for a variety of keywords, since November 2010.

Breast Cancer India

Dr. Sumeet Shah is affiliated with an NGO - The Pink Initiative, which plays an active role in generating breast cancer awareness in women. As part of NGO, Dr. Shah along with Ms. Ujwala Raje, has conducted more than a hundred powerpoint presentations on breast cancer awareness, for a variety of groups.

The Pink Initiative

Dr. Sumeet Shah has been administering probably the only existing online indian support group for breast cancer patients in India, since 2013. This support group has more than 2500 members presently. Members write their doubts and questions related to breast cancer and its treatment, and we reply to them. You can have a look at the group in the box below (if you are seeing this on your Smartphone) or on the right (if you are seeing this on desktop).

Our Online Breast Cancer Support Group