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Patient Reviews about Silver Line Onco Care

We, at Silver|Line Onco Care, strive to maintain the highest standards in the surgery with do, in our patient and care giver interactions, in our regular visits, and in our counseling sessions. We give all the time patients need, to understand cancer and to make decisions. Some need more, some need less. We are always available to our patients, on phone and on WhatsApp. We understand, the patients and care givers are passing through a difficult phase in life, and a few comforting words from their treating doctor would go a long way to relieve their stress. The role of a compassionate doctor's touch in the cure of cancer is undeniable.

Our patients, have indeed, good words to write about us. But we decided not to put in a few words from them on this page, anyone can do that. To ensure transparency and honest reviews, we would rather give links to standard sites, where most patients prefer to give their reviews - Google Reviews and Practo. Please find below, links to Google Reviews and Practo and you can check out the reviews yourself. Also, we have shows screenshots of few of the reviews below, for your convenience:


Over the last decade, due to quality work in breast cancer, and also due to lot of effort put in towards generation of breast cancer awareness amongst women, time and again, Dr. Sumeet Shah has been featured in magazines for his work, or was invited for interviews (publications as well as on different FM radio channels). By now, we have a list of more than 40 magazine or online interviews, recordings of two AIR (All India Radio) FM channel interviews, one Red FM interview, a few video interviews. In addition to these, Dr. Sumeet Shah has also performed more than a hundred Powerpoint presentations on breast cancer awareness for various groups. Below, you can find a few of the interviews showcased:

Women's Health: Oct 2013

Dr. Sumeet Shah, featured in Owmen's Health Oct 2013

October 2013 Issue of Women's Health India (India Today Group) carried an article - Breast Cancer Warriors - featuring 10 people over India making a difference in breast cancer in India. Dr. Sumeet was one of them, featured for his efforts in spreading awareness on breast cancer.

Health Troopers: Dec 2018

Mammography done to detect breast tumour

Health Troopers, US launched a 'Thought Leader Insights' series on key decision makers in healthcare space in India. Dr. Sumeet Shah's interview, representing The Pink Initiative, was the first interview to be done in that series, focusing on breast cancer treatment and logistics.

The Health Site: Oct 2015

PET CT Scan is done for staging of breast cancer

The Health Site (Zee Entertainment Group), carried an interview of Dr. Sumeet Shah in October 2015, to bust the myths surrounding breast cancer, to generate awareness with a focus that conservative surgery can very well be done for most tumours.

MoneyControl: Nov 2013

Dr. Sumeet Shah, Breast Cancer Specialist in Borivli

MoneyControl, (Network 18 Group), interviewed Dr. Sumeet Shah in November, 2013. This was just following the October month, which is the breast Cancer Awareness Month. The interview was to rasie awareness on breast cancer, with a focus on advancement in surgery.

The Swaddle: Jan 2016

Dr. Sumeet Shah, Breast Cancer Specialist in Borivli

The Swaddle featured an article on the works of The Pink Initiative and interviewed Dr. Sumeet Shah and Ms. Ujwala Raje, both of whom have done more than a hundred presentations on breast cancer awarenes. Dr. Sumeet also focus on conservative breast surgeries.

OnlyMyHealth: Nov 2012

Dr. Sumeet Shah, Breast Cancer Specialist in Borivli

OnlyMyHealth interview in November, 2012; an older interviews, but we wish to mention it as it was very well received and focused on one topic which is still not adequately addressed - Rehabilitation of a breast cancer patient - in all ways, physical, emotional and social.

Our Work in Breast Cancer

Dr. Sumeet Shah runs one of the most popular 'indian' website on breast cancer in India. It has been ranking in the first three search results on Google for a variety of keywords, since November 2010.

Breast Cancer India

Dr. Sumeet Shah is affiliated with an NGO - The Pink Initiative, which plays an active role in generating breast cancer awareness in women. As part of NGO, Dr. Shah along with Ms. Ujwala Raje, has conducted more than a hundred powerpoint presentations on breast cancer awareness, for a variety of groups.

The Pink Initiative

Dr. Sumeet Shah has been administering probably the only existing online indian support group for breast cancer patients in India, since 2013. This support group has more than 2500 members presently. Members write their doubts and questions related to breast cancer and its treatment, and we reply to them. You can have a look at the group in the box below (if you are seeing this on your Smartphone) or on the right (if you are seeing this on desktop).

Our Online Breast Cancer Support Group