I am a Winner and I Win!

Nothing stops me!

How does it feel on
the last day of Treatment?

Magical. It feels 'magical'. What an endurance. It feels a soul which was long suppressed has been set free. No words can really describe the feeling when the treatment gets over. But it's a mixed feeling actually. And it has taken a toll to reach here - physically, mentally, emotionally and financially. But, we did reach here, finally.

My Tribute to a Breast Cancer Survivor

For me, as a doctor, my patients are my friends. Many of them call me on and off. Not for medical advice, but for a general talk. Maybe to share their experience. Because they know, I always love to listen to them. My patients give me an immense motivation. They are strong. Their perseverance unmatched. They balance life so well - on one hand, this notorius cancer, and on the other hand - taking cae of family (husband, children, parents) and work. The way most women balance things is amazing. I have all the reason to get motivated from them, to learn from them and to immensely respect them for what they are. I am not much of a poet, but here is a small tribute to my breast cancer patients.


She enters my cabin, she sits slowly on the chair looking at me
I sense her apprehension, her despair, her fear
I look into her tearful eyes, I read the report, confirm the news
I purse my lips, nod my head and tell her, 'We will fight it, dear'

She looks into my eyes, I see the glitter of tears in hers
Her face shows a mixed emotion, hope looks thin
On her hand on my table, I place my hand, I don’t say anything, I just look at her
And then she looks, a subdued smile, and says, "I will Fight, I will win!"

Then the ordeal starts, surgery is planned first
I walk with her to the operating room, her hubby and daughter praying at the gate
She holds my hand and says, ”Doc, please do your best, get me out of this”
“Trust me, I will”, I say; her words reverberating in my mind, while I operate

Surgery is successful, her body is rid of cancer; she recovers well
Since next day, I see a smile of hope, happiness on her face by default
She is one strong lady, a will of iron, a determination so strong
A fighter she is, now preparing herself for the next assault

Pathology report is good, but she will need further treatment
And so starts chemotherapy, the molecules enter through her tiny hand veins
Her bald head and blackish skin edges speak of the fight of body with cancer within
She smiles and tells, "Side effects of chemo don’t bother me, I look only at its gains"

She is an inspiration, she is positive, I see her ride her way through these down times
She is unshakeable, but does feel low at times when sadness creeps in
The shoulder of her husband to rest on and her daughter’s hand on her cheeks
Rescue her from it, and place the smile on her face back in

Chemotherapy is now over, next starts radiation
Her face and body are weathered by all this treatment so high
But her positive attitude, the glow on her face, the determination in her eyes
Just stand out and teach me; Yes, I learn from her, "Never Say Die"

She visits me in my cabin, a joy on her face
Her treatment is now complete, her prayers finally heard
These six months of treatment were like six full years,
A battle so fiercely won, a disease well conquered

I see in her eyes, the eyes of a winner
Her bald head with sparse hair, her black nails tell her tale of endurance
Throughout the war, never did the smile go, her fist was always strongly clenched
Never was the grit low; even in down times, her face always had assurance

Each and every patient of mine teaches me a lot, is an inspiration for me and other patients
And I owe them for moulding me, showing me importance of life, making me tough
Life throws challenges at us, we have to be positive
Just believe in yourself, stay strong, and the path automatically opens up

Written by Dr. Sumeet Shah

Our Approach at this Step

So, well! I always feel good to see treatments getting over for my patients, and they seeing future full of happiness. Of course, all said and done, the sword of a cancer coming back keeps on hanging on their heads. But I assure them, not to worry, as we are going to regularly see them every six months to make sure all is well.

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