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Breast Cancer is a huge, huge topic to discuss. We don't know where to start and where to end. So let's make things simple for you. I have written on most of the common topics on breast cancer below. But the question is, how to link topics? Or how to make it little more interesting to read? So I have divided all topics into two sections - 'Journey of Breast Cancer' and 'Other Topics' :

Journey of Breast Cancer: This section contains most of the topics. The idea of 'Journey' is to present to you in a time wise manner what happens in breast cancer detection and treatment. There are 14 topics in this, numbered from 1 to 14, for you to read in an order, which will take you through the journey of what a breast cancer patient undergoes. In each of these sections, we have included a paragraph on 'Our approach' which will give you the doctor's perspective at that time of the 'journey'.
Other Topics: To maintain the flow in the 'Journey section above, and not to deviate, some topics were omitted. They are placed here.
Note: In all subsequent pages, you will find this same menu - Journey of Breast Cancer' and 'Other Topics' at the bottom of the page. So let's go ahead and read, I am sure you will easily understand and enjoy reading. Start the 'Journey'.


This has been written in a 'flow chart' form. The links have a 'number' and are blue in colour, you can click them to go to that topic. You will find this same menu with 'numbers' at bottom of the every page you click:

Lump in the breast

A lady, while bathing, feels a lump in her breast for the first time. It may not be painful. She keeps feeling it over a few days. She is not sure what it could be.

Surgical Oncologist

The lump is sitll there. Now she is worried. She visits a Surgical Oncologist. Doc takes history in detail and examines her
1. The First Visit to the Doctor

Breast core biopsy

After examination, the doc has a doubt, and wants to confirm - Is this cancer?
2. Confirmatory Tests for Breast Cancer

Breast Cancer Staging tests

Cancer is confirmed. The doc wants to check has it spread or not. And wants to assess the lady's fitness for any treatment.
3. Staging and Fitness Tests

Treatment Planning for Breast Cancer

All the reports are now ready. Staging is done. Doc has to take a decision. Which stage is it? Will it be surgery first or chemo first?
4. Treatment Planning for Breast Cancer

Surgery choices for Breast Cancer

So it's an early stage disease. It will be surgery first. Doc says the lady can conserve breast. But the lady is confused. "Should I conserve the breast? Is it safe? Or Should I opt to remove it?"
5. Surgery for Breast Cancer
6. Pre Operative Counseling
7. Post Operative Period

Breast Cancer Pathology Report

The surgery is done. The lady is happy, she is now free of cancer! The pathology report has come. How does one read the pathology report for breast cancer?
8. The Pathology Report

Breast Cancer Adjuvant Treatment

A Multi disciplinary team (including the lady's doc) reviews the report and decides on further treatment. The stage is early, but it's still better to give chemo. She should get a Chemo PORT inserted for chemo. She opted for Breast Conserving Surgery, so will undergo Radiation as well. Her Estrogen Receptor is positive, so she will be on hormone therapy for several years
9. The Chemotherapy Planning
10. Chemoport insertion
11. Chemotherapy and Side Effects
12. Radiation Therapy

The Treatment is over! What an achievement, truly. The lady has always been a fighter. After this, now regular follow ups with the doctor are to be done as per the guidelines
13. I Win over Cancer
14. Follow Up Visits

The above is NOT a complete description. Some patients undergo Chemotherapy first (called Neo Adjuvant Chemo Therapy), some patients need Targeted Therapy (Trastuzumab), many undergo a procedure called Sentinel lymph Node Biopsy during surgery, etc. Basically, many topics are not covered in above flow chart (so as to not disturb the flow. These topics are covered in the next section called 'Other Topics'


Some topics which were not covered (to maintain the flow of reading) in the 'Journey' section, are listed below:

Home Page
SilverLine Onco Care
Breast Cancer India

Begining of Breast Cancer:
Risk Factors for Breast Cancer
Symptoms of Breast Cancer
Early Detection of Breast Cancer

Detection of Breast Cancer:
Mammography, Ultrasound and MRI
Core Biopsy

Treatment Planning for Breast Cancer:
Neo Adjuvant Chemo Therapy (NACT)

Surgery for Breast Cancer:
Sentinel Lymph Node Biopsy

Additional Treatments
Targeted Therapy (Trastuzumab)
Hormonal Therapy

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