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What is

SilverLine Onco Care is a Surgical Oncology Clinic, headed by Dr. Sumeet Shah, Surgical Oncologist. Onco surgeries (Cancer surgeries) are the most complex of all surgeries and need a lot of skill and expertise, and for us, cancer surgery is a passion, a challenge. We perform surgeries for all forms of solid organ cancers like breast cancer, gynecological (uterus, cervix, ovary) cancers, gastro intestinal cancers, tumours of the thyroid, parotid, kidney etc.
Ours is a clinic where we do an OPD consultation, and after doing all requisite tests, give options of various hospitals for the surgery. Dr. Sumeet Shah is attached to major Hospitals from Borivali to bandra, and depending on the patient's residence area, one can select the centre for treatment. Click below to read more about us and our work:

About Us

Hmmm, Cancer Surgery. OK,
Anything more that you provide?

Yes - One word - TIME.
For a patient as well as care givers, the journey of cancer is full of ups and downs. Time and again, a lot of support is needed. And that's what we always try to give - support and care; give adequate time to the patient, solve their doubts, explain them how and what we are doing, and more importantly, give a dash of positive energy and assurance. Patients need someone to bank on to, during their treatment. And we always like to be available for them.
Every dark cloud does have a silver lining. And thats what we, at Silver Line Onco Care, help the patient to see.

SilverLine strongly believes in TLC
HCG Cancer Centre Borivali West

Well. And,
After Surgery?

After surgery, and once the pathology report has come, two targets:

We (Surgical Oncologist Team) co ordinate with our Medical Oncology and Radiation Oncology colleagues to plan further treatment for the patient, depending on stage. All of us together take a decision for the patient depending on the report. This is called - 'Multi Disciplinary Team' or in simple words - 'Joint Clinic'. And according to the decision, the treatment is carried out.

After the complete treatment is over, we make sure the patient is back to normal life as earlier, help in all aspects, and finally, give a schedule for regular six monthly follow up with us.

But cancer treatment
is very costly!

Yes, it is! And No, it isn't!
This is exactly where a good and compassionate cancer surgeon can make the difference. Costs vary form hospital to hospital. We, at SilverLine Onco Care, always go the extra mile, to understand the patient's health insurance and financial backup, we also consider the future cost the patient will have to bear for chemo and radiation if needed, and then plan accordingly. There definitely are avenues, where we can work around and reduce costs of surgery, and we help the patients with that. We have done that for so many patients.

Cancer treatment is costly
HCG Cancer Centre Borivali West

Can you show us
Your Patients' Reviews?

Yes, very much! We could have very well just put in some testimonials of patients onto our website here in a ticker form. But no, we believe in independent and honest opinions. Hence, we have provided links to two most popular sites on reviews about us - Practo and Google Reviews. You can please visit the Reviews section for the same.
If you wish to book an appointment with us, please visit the Appointment section.

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Just call the doc and book the appointment, it's so straightforward! To see the hospitals and their locations, go to the Appointment page.

Feedback & Reviews

Our patients get help from us and in turn, we get motivation from serving them and seeing them happy. Please do read what our patients write for us?

About Us

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