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"CANCER" - A word which shakes the ground, which brings a fear no words can express. For a patient and the care givers, the journey of cancer treatment is usually several months long, and is dependent on a lot of factors. Undergoing the standard treatment is just one part of it. It is very well known that cancer treatments come with its own range of problems. And it is during this time, that cancer patients and their care givers are vulnerable and need a little helping hand, a little push, to help them out of it. It is during this period, that if a medical team is around, is approachable, is caring, it gives an immense sense of security, safety and a moral boost to the patient and care givers.
This is where we pride ourselves. We are a Surgical Oncology Team and performing a state of the art surgery is a passion. In no other condition does the quality of surgery determine the outcome as much as it does in cancer. A clean, meticulous surgery helps in reducing the post surgical issues and gives the best bet for a longer survival. But doing a world class surgery is only one part of our services. We really attempt to go a step forward, keep ourselves approachable, and make sure that our patients are going through the surgical and post surgical journey comfortably, smoothly and with a smile. We work in joint consultation with our Medical Oncology and Radiation Oncology colleagues and guide our patients till their treatments are complete, and the ultimate follow up is with us.
Every dark cloud has a silver lining. It is our endeavour to help our patients see the silver lining even in their difficult days, and ensure their journey of cancer treatment is as comfortable as it can be. You are not alone, remember. We are together, hand in hand. And we shall beat the big 'C'

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Our Extended Team

Cancer management is a team effort. Go to the page below to understand how exactly we work and how we involve the respective specialist when the need arises.

Journey of Breast Cancer

Read about the enitre journey of a breast cancer survivor, right from day one to when she was first detected with breast cancer, till the last day of her treatment.

Early Detection of cancer

A Stitch in time saves nine. To improve survival, it is essential to detect breast cancer early. Read in detail on the guidelines on how to remain alert, and how to catch it early.

Genetics Consultation

Worried about familial inheritance of cancer? Please click here to learn more about the genetics aspect as well as schedule a consultation with a Genetic Counsellor.

Dr. Sumeet Shah

Dr. Sumeet Shah heads the SILVER|LINE Onco Care Team. He is a Surgical Oncologist, and is affiliated with the following hospitals in Mumbai:

Surya Hospitals, Santa Cruz
Holy Spirit Hospital, Andheri
Criticare Hospital, Andheri
Thunga Hospitals, Malad
Namaha Hospital, Kandivali

After doing M.B.B.S from the Seth G.S.Medical College and K.E.M Hosptial, M.S. in General Surgery from the Grant Medical College and the Sir. J.J.Group of Hospitals, Dr. Sumeet finished his D.N.B in General Surgery, and joined the Tata Memorial Centre in 2006, where he did a Full three years Residency in Surgical Oncology. This was followed by a Fellowsip and then an Ad Hoc Lecturer post at Tata Memorial Centre; thereby spending a total of a little less than 5 years at the prestigious centre. He started his private practice in August 2011.
Dr. Sumeet performs all major and supra major surgeries for solid organ cancers (breast cancer, gynecological cancers, gastro intestinal cancers etc.), his specialty being comprehensive management of Breast cancers. For all his cancer patients, he co ordinates with other specialists involved and performs a Joint Clinic to take group decisions for treatment.
Apart from this passion for all types of cancer surgeries and protocol based approach to management of all different types of solid organ cancers, he also regularly conducts breast cancer awareness programmes for various groups of people and is actively working towards the same aim with the NGO The Pink Initiative.

Dr. Sumeet Shah

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